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  • About Our Disposable Charger

    Embracing convenience and affordability

    Why qlo?

    Never be stranded with an empty mobile phone battery again. qlo is the 1 hour mobile phone disposable charger that can charge your phone any place, anytime. The portable and one-time use, charger fits in your pocket or wallet perfectly.

    qlo is an affordable, one time use, cordless charger that provides an instant boost of power for your phone, so you can stay connected whenever and wherever.

    How does qlo work?

    Phones run out of battery. It's a cruel fact of life. It's crueler still when they die when you really need them. You can avoid that fate, however, with these pre-charged, emergency chargers. Built for single-use for up to 4 hours of talk and text, just simply plug in to your devices and once your done dispose it properly. It's that simple!

    The Perfect Fit

    qlo is compatible with most iPhone with lightning connector and as well as most micro-USB devices, such as Samsung, LG, Nokia and HTC.

    qlo features an innovative adapter that directly connects to your mobile phone’s charging socket, allowing you to continue using your phone on the go.

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  • Recycle and Be Rewarded

    Recycling our product should be as easy as using one.

    The covers we use are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

    Bring back 5 empty, clean qlo disposable chargers to us for recycling and we'll give you one, FREE!


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    Keep Your Customers Powered Up and Tether-Free

    For the first time ever, your customers have the freedom to charge their devices on-the-go wherever they find themselves in need of power, without cords and without ever giving up control. qlo is perfect in any place where customers need a charge the most. qlo can enhance your customers’ experience in your venue. By giving them the freedom of mobile power, qlo will allow your guests to experience all that your venue has to offer.

    Ideal for:



    Music festivals

    Theme parks

    College campuses

    Convention centers

    Healthcare facilities

    Hotels & Casinos

    Clubs & Pubs

    Special events

    And many more...

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